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At Freezer Repair Guys, we provide the most affordable freezer repair and ice maker repair services. This is aimed at helping you afford the repair even with a limited budget. You will get big discount offers for the repair work. Our experts will offer hands-on experience so that all the necessary troubleshooting is done to your convenience. Our experts have years of experience in diagnostic and repair of broken down freezers as well as ice makers that are not working properly. Some of the issues you will be assisted with include inability to switch on, failure to freeze, frost build up, and lots of noise among other problems. Our experts are familiar with these issues and will carry out the necessary repair so that the problems are resolved. Talk to us on 888-670-6614 and open up on the issues affecting your freezer and ice maker.


Customer-oriented Freezer repair Services

At Freezer Repair Guys, we offer customer specific solutions to the freezer and ice maker repair services. Your freezer could be broken when you dont see the indicator light, frosting is present on the coils or continues running even it is not supposed to be running. The ice maker could also have some specific problems such as failure to make ice cubes due to the fritz. These are the specific issues that you would want addressed for your freezer and icemaker.


Overnight service

Call us now on 888-670-6614 and learn more on how the freezer repair parts will be shipped to your destination overnight. The time interval between your requisition and receiving the order takes a few hours so that there is no delay. We will ship the required parts overnight and by the following day, your freezer or ice maker will be ready for use.

For these and any other such services, please contact Freezer Repair Guys on 888-670-6614.

We do not stop at that, but offer the following:

* Service

How do your local technicians conduct themselves? Are they always clean, spruced up and ready to work? Well, sometimes technicians may disappoint you if they smoke, drink or use crude language. Some do not even have courtesy to clean up after repairing your freezer or ice maker. This is should not happen and we guarantee you free service if our technicians conduct themselves in such unbecoming behavior.

* Repair

Some parts of your freezer compartments may require repair work to correct any existing defect. Parts like the thermostat, gasket and freezer thermometer could have stalled due to age or some inherent manufacturers defects. We have a warranty for all our repair work so that in case the repair work does not turn out what was expected, it will be done again at no charge. Call 888-670-6614 for more details.

* Replacement install

We offer replacement install where the installed parts fail to function as expected. For the freezer, it be the defrost timer or compressor motor. For the ice maker, itcould be valves that are clogged. Either way, you will receive free replacement install or get a refund.

For a professional quote, call 888-670-6614 to book an appointment to get professional advice from the industry leaders.

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